Die Cutting Services

Die cutting services are the process of using a ruled die to cut, perforate, and score materials, such as paper, corrugated paper, various sheet plastic, foam rubber, paperboard, corrugated plastic, gaskets, chipboard, fabric, open and closed cell foams, neoprene or any other materials commonly found in the die cutting industry.

Fiberboard, paperboard, plastics, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, foam etc. These cut pieces are either used as finished products like coasters and posters; or are sent on for further finishing, like boxes requiring gluing and (something easy to understand that will need finishing) We make our dies in house as per the die lines associated with the specifications of each individual job.

Dies are usually custom made and tailored to each job; however, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution or need to save time; we offer clients the opportunity to use our existing generic dies. We have a range of cubes, ellipticals, pedestals, etc. in our catalogue.

We can create artwork from scratch or use your existing artwork with our dies. Once your graphics are applied to a substrate and cut with a die from our catalogue; you will have a display that looks unique.

We offer onsite finishing and packing services to further production of your display. Our oversees and inspects every custom order for accuracy and quality.

Our custom die cutting services have years of experience to back them up, and feature exceptionally low rates. Our team vigorously oversees and inspects every custom die cutting services order for both accuracy and quality.

Please see our list of marketing collateral services for more information.

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