Promotional Displays

Promotional Displays (or POP display solutions) are meant to promote and add awareness to products or services displayed. Promotional displays are typically short term printed displays made from different substrates such as corrugated (cardboard), wood, wire, plastic, paperboard, etc.

R. Jones Print & Display assists in designing and creating the necessary, custom, retail-ready promotional displays & decorative packaging solutions to draw the attention of potential clients and customers. We have the professional expertise in-house to produce promotional displays in various sizes and colours to produce a finished promotional display from concept through to production.

At R. Jones Print & Display, we feature many different types of promotional display marketing collateral including corrugated displays (also known as cardboard displays), temporary refrigerated displays (such as our Coolio display), promotional displays performed by die cutting services, countertop displays (for grocery stores, pharmacy stores, convenience stores, etc) & point-of-sale-displays (POS Displays) meant for the floors of retail, informational or promotional environments.

Our diverse selection of promotional displays can be exhibited anywhere in any space, indoors or outdoors. We take the time to understand your brand to ensure innovative & unique promotional display solutions so that you are able to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The promotional display picture showcased on this page is a larger than life size bottle of wine (3’ wide x 12’ tall) used to draw attention to Niagara on the Lakes Wineries. As you can see, every promotional display is carefully considered, uniquely designed and efficiently executed for maximum impact - every time.

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